The OPV ‘Meteoro’ (P-41), a unit from the Maritime Action Force and normally stationed in the Canary Islands Naval Base, set sail on the morning of April 22 for a mission designed to carry out maritime surveillance tasks in waters of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea. It also intends to ensure the protection of the maritime areas of national interest, as part of the regular missions of the Spanish Armed Forces focused on presence, surveillance and deterrence. The P-41 operates under the Maritime Operational Command (MOM in its Spanish initials), with operational control of the Operations Command (MOPS).

The ship is scheduled to call at the port of Motril on May 3rd where an Open Doors day will be arranged so that the local population may visit and learn about the patrol vessel.

Among the assigned missions is the contribution to enhance the awareness of the maritime domain, which is an essential component for the success of other operations, as well as Maritime Security Operations (MSO), which include specific actions against threats and illicit activities that compromise security in the maritime environment.

Presence, surveillance and deterrence operations are fundamental to maintain a constant watchfulness over sovereign spaces, which allows for early detection of threats and paves the way for immediate and effective response endeavors to possible crises.