On 28 February 2023, after signature by the Nations of the Program Decision and Memorandum of Understanding, the OCCAR-EA Director Joachim Sucker and the Director of EuroTorp Giovanni Oliveri signed the contract for the In-Service Support of the Light Weight Torpedo (LWT) MU90.

The LWT Program covers In-Service Support (ISS) for the MU90 torpedoes that the Participating States currently have in service. It builds on a 30-year joint development and production program between France and Italy to meet 21st century Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operational requirements, including shallow water and submarine hunting-killing capabilities.

Through an intensive negotiation, OCCAR, with the continuous involvement of EuroTorp and its members (THALES, Naval Group and LEONARDO) and with the strong support of the Participating States negotiated and agreed an optimized ISS contract. The LWT program marks another major step forward in OCCAR’s promotion of cooperative complex armaments program management. OCCAR-EA hopes that it may provide a positive signal to other possible Participating States.