On May 17, 2023, the nuclear attack submarine (SNA) Perle began its rise to power during its first sea trials.

The blue crew, commanded by Commander Nicolas Maigne, carried out propulsion and maneuverability tests on the surface. It took a major step by performing its static dive on May 22, 2023. These first tests, important markers for IPER exit, aim to ensure the submarine’s ability to navigate safely.

During a major technical stop in the Missiessy area of ​​the Toulon nuclear attack submarine squadron, the SNA Perle suffered a fire on June 12, 2020.

After checking the feasibility, the Minister for the Armed Forces Florence Parly decided to repair it in order to maintain the capacity format of the SNA.

Repair work of an unprecedented scale as part of a major technical shutdown was carried out, in Cherbourg then in Toulon, by the industrialist Naval group under the project management of the Fleet Support Service (SSF) . This work consisted of replacing the front half of the SNA Perle with that of the ex-SNA Saphir, thanks to cutting and welding processes mastered by the manufacturer, then to carry out the electrical and fluidic junction between the two parts. Major maintenance work then continued with the reassembly of all the equipment; the modernization works already planned before the fire; the reloading of the core and the requalification of the nuclear boiler room. Inspections and tests then made it possible to validate the repair work and the proper functioning of all the installations.

The SNA Perle will be able to return to the operational cycle at the end of its sea trial period after checking its ability to navigate safely and then validating its combat systems.