From coast guard to naval vessels: now KNM Nordkapp is ready for NATO missions.

She has recently had her last voyage as a coast guard vessel, but KV Nordkapp’s adventure is not quite over yet. From 1 November, KV Nordkapp will become part of the Navy as KNM Nordkapp – before after the New Year she will become the flagship of NATO’s standing mine clearance force (SNMCMG1).

The last notes are played from the Swedish Navy’s music band, and the crew line up. It is completely silent before Chief of the Norwegian Navy Rear Admiral Rune Andersen takes the floor.

Once again, we are preparing to take on an important responsibility in NATO. The situation we are in now, with increased preparedness, involves a continuation of the work we have started with an increased presence, and a closer cooperation with allies that includes increased monitoring and vigilance, says the Chief of the Norwegian Navy.

KV Nordkapp is one of three vessels in the Nordkapp class, a class that will now be phased out. During the next three years, they will be replaced by KV Jan Mayen, KV Bjørnøya and KV Hopen in the Jan Mayen class.

Instead of being phased out straight away like the sister vessel KV Senja last autumn, Nordkapp is given one last assignment.

This is maritime reuse of a vessel that has a lot left to deliver. An idea that came from the bottom up, as good ideas often do. It is an initiative that I appreciate, said the Chief of the Norwegian Navy.

As flagship, KNM Nordkapp will lead allied forces in exercises and any sharp missions. SNMCMG1 primarily patrols the waters of Northern Europe and is trained and equipped to clear sharp sea mines at short notice as part of the NATO Response Force (NRF).

The conscripts on board can expect a different everyday life when KNM Nordkapp goes on a NATO mission.

I imagine that we will become more operative, and as part of SNMCMG1 I have the feeling that we are part of something big. This of course comes with more responsibility, and more tasks that I am looking forward to, says Private Bertin Finnkirk who is an operational guest on board.