Nexter’s flagship product at Euronaval is the RAPIDFire, whose new design is presented on scale 1. This concentrate of innovations will become a reference in the field of medium-caliber naval turrets.
Adapted to low-level ground-to-air defense, and in particular to anti-drone combat, the RAPIDFire protects ships, land units or bases against a varied panel of threats: jet-skis, boats, prowling ammunition, aerial drones, light aircraft or missiles up to 4000m away.

The extension of the Nexter turret offer introduces the 20mm NARWHAL turret reinforced with MBDA’s AKERON missile launcher pod. The integration of this innovative solution demonstrates the modularity of our systems.

Furthermore, thanks to its experience as a land and naval turret, Nexter now offers navalized versions of its remotely operated land turrets, including the ARX 25, equipped with the 25mm VBCI gun.

European leader in naval ammunition Supplier of 60 armies in the world with a catalog of more than 250 references, Nexter Arrowtech presents at Euronaval its ammunition from 20 to 127mm for naval turrets. Main European naval ammunition, Nexter Arrowtech demonstrates its ability to develop the ammunition of tomorrow, a game changer in high intensity conflicts.

As such, a 40mm L70 ammunition fuse with real-time inductive programming will be exhibited on the stand. This new technology considerably increases the operational capabilities of existing weapons, particularly in the anti-aircraft and anti-drone field.