From 2026, the Netherlands and Germany will be working together on the training of helicopter pilots. Yesterday this was recorded on paper. Air Force Commander General André Steur and his colleague Alfons Mais of the German Land Forces signed the document.

Since 2015, the Netherlands has taken a limited number of training courses from the International Helicopter Training Center (IHTC) of the Bundeswehr in Bückeburg, Germany. It concerns training for future NH90 pilots, and as long as the Cougar has not yet been replaced, this type of transport helicopter has also been used. From 2026, the Netherlands and Germany will work together permanently in the helicopter training in Bückeburg.

Both countries are pooling their knowledge and capabilities in this training. As a result, they offer a better training program. The signing of the declaration marks a next step in strengthening Dutch-German cooperation.

The Dutch Air Force also remains closely connected with the US Army for further training and cooperation. In the United States, the pilots are trained for the Chinook transport helicopter and the Apache combat helicopter.