ARA “Puerto Argentino” and ARA “Estrecho de San Carlos” warnings, dependent on the Naval Amphibious and Logistics Command, carried out an individual and joint training navigation in order to contribute and prepare for the Combined Naval Antarctic Patrol and the 2022-2023 Summer Antarctic Campaign.

Framed in the Operation “Miaplácidus III” of the Command of the Sea Fleet, both units carried out effective towing practices at sea; oil spill exercises; and various activities with smaller boats that allowed all staff to exercise in their specific roles.

Then an amphibious training in techniques and tactics was developed with units of the Marine Corps in Baliza Chica, where the means and personnel of the Infantry Battalion No. 2, the Amphibious Vehicle Battalion and the Field Artillery Battalion, carried out a practice of Movement Ship Costa with MK5 boats and Amphibious Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles.

In the amphibious exercise, the multipurpose ship ARA “Punta Alta”, dependent on the Command of the Captaincy of Puerto Belgrano, was added. For his part, the Commander of the Marine Infantry Force, Captain Luis Alejo Bonani, witnessed these activities.

The operation at sea was conducted and supervised on board by the Amphibious and Logistic Naval Commander, Captain Eduardo Adrián Mayol, embarked on the “Puerto Argentino”.

At the end, the ships arrived at Puerto Belgrano where they were received by the Commander of the Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Carlos María Allievi.