Within the framework of the 213th anniversary of the establishment of the First Patriotic Government and in memory of the combat actions that occurred during the South Atlantic Conflict, the Naval Military School (ESNM) received from the Lieutenant Commander Naval Aviator VGM (RE) Carlos Alberto Lecour a model of the aircraft carrier ARA “25 de Mayo”.

The project was designed and developed in collaboration with the president of the Aeronaval Institute, Captain VGM (RE) Juan José Membrana with the aim of inspiring and reminding the Cadet Corps of the historical milestones of the institution during the 20th century, emphasizing professionalism. and the camaraderie of each member of the Institution.

The delivery was made at the Casino de Cadetes and included the participation of the Director of the educational establishment, Rear Admiral Gustavo Fabián Lioi Pombo; accompanied by members of the Staff, teachers, Corps of Cadets and special guests.

To begin, the president of the Aeronaval Institute spoke allusive words: “We present a symbol to this Naval School, the model of our latest aircraft carrier: the ARA “25 de Mayo”, with its entire air group as it operated at the end. of his life in the service during 1988; being the flagship of the Sea Fleet during the conflict for the recovery of our Malvinas Islands”.