The seven mine countermeasures vessels of the NATO fleet SNMCMG1 disabled 17 explosives in less than five days in less than five days last week. This happened during a mine hunt in Narva Bay, the northeastern coastal area of Estonia. Together with HNLMS Vlaardingen, the Netherlands is part of the fleet. The minehunter cleared five explosives.

HNLMS Vlaardingen and Belgian BNS Crocus together defused 9 explosives. For HNLMS Vlaardingen, there were one German and three Russian mines and 1 German torpedo from the Second World War.

The Vlaardingen has a crew of 35 and has been sailing for the SNMCMG1 (Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1) since August. This fleet is part of the NATO Response Force, NATO’s rapid reaction force.

From next on, the fleet will take part in the exercise Freezing Winds in the vicinity of Finland.