The Multipurpose Aerodrome Ship (NAM) “Atlântico” carried out, yesterday (21), the Oil Transfer at Sea (TOM) exercise, with the participation of the Logistics Support Ship (NApLog) “Jacques Chevalier”, from the National Navy of France. The event took place near Cabo Frio (RJ).

The exercise aimed to verify the ability to refuel the ship at sea, in order to increase its permanence, for long periods, in the operating area, independently. The NApLog “Jacques Chevalier” acted as the oil supplier, pumping the fuel, and the “Atlântico” as the recipient of the material. The method used has the potential to transfer up to a thousand liters per minute.

“The success of this exercise is a reflection of the various training that our crew carries out on a daily basis. Each soldier played a fundamental role in the successful performance of the activity. We thank the French Navy for their collaboration. The interoperability of the Brazilian and French navies contributes to the exchange of knowledge and is a result of the mutual respect and fraternity that these two countries have for each other”, said the Commander of the NAM “Atlântico”, Sea and War Captain Eugenio Campos Huguenin.

In conjunction with the French National Navy, exercises such as Leap Frog (approach maneuvers) and Light Line (maneuvers to maintain position and distance between ships) were carried out. In addition, tactics for approaching contacts of interest and interrogating target elements were explored.

As part of the exercise, the NAM “Atlântico” approached the “Jacques Chevalier” with the support of a detachment of MB Combat Divers (MEC), using fast rope – rapid disembarkation from a helicopter into a hostile environment using cable. Next, the MECs inspected the vessel’s compartments; interrogated the crew of the opposing force; and captured them. The French ship also carried out the same training, intercepting the “Atlântico” with its crew.

Still benefiting from the interoperability of Brazilian Navy assets, from November 20th to 22nd, pilots and aircraft from the Naval Air Force Command, Seahawk , Super Cougar and Wild Lynx models , carried out a landing qualification and requalification exercise on board the NAM.” Atlantic”, including on night flights. There was also training with cargo transportation outside the aircraft.