The Secretary of the Navy, through the Mexican Navy, informs that from March 27 to 30, through the Tenth Naval Region based in Manzanillo, Colima, the execution of the Trilateral Exercise of the North American Maritime Security and Security Initiative (NAMSI) 2023, in coordination with the organizations involved from the US and Canada, with in order to increase the capabilities and interoperability of the participating Forces within the framework of the protocols established in the initiative.

It should be noted that the NAMSI initiative, signed in 2008 and ratified in 2018, is a trilateral and interagency forum between the Maritime Forces of Mexico (Secretary of the Navy), the United States (Coast Guard and Northern Command) and Canada ( Maritime Component Command), whose objective is to strengthen mutual operational coordination capabilities and increase maritime security and protection in the North American region. Likewise, it focuses on increasing interoperability through the exchange of information, development of exercises, seminars, coordination of operations and development of protocols.

Within the framework of the established objectives of International Combined Training, previous meetings, communications, formations and tactical evolutions were carried out; detection, maritime interdiction, maintenance of the rule of law and enforcement of the law at sea; in addition to post-event conferences and lessons learned.

During the execution of the NAMSI PACEX (Pacific Exercise), the following units participated: from Mexico, the ARM ship “Hidalgo” PO-166, a Panther-type helicopter and an interceptor patrol; from the US, the ships USS Savannah, CGC Active, CGC Benjamin Bottoms, a Dolphin helicopter and a C-27 aircraft; and from Canada the ship HMS Edmonton. As well as observers and flight controllers from the three nations.

It should be noted that from 2017 to the present, Mexico has hosted four NAMSI exercises, with the participation of the three Maritime and Air Forces of the United States, Canada and Mexico, in the jurisdictions of the Naval Commands of: Tampico ,Tamps. in 2017, Manzanillo, Col. in 2018, Puerto Chiapas, Chis. in 2020, and Cozumel, Q.Roo in 2022.

In this way, the Secretary of the Navy, through the Mexican Navy, strengthens its operational capabilities through the exchange of knowledge, techniques and multinational interaction between friendly nations, in order to strengthen the security and protection of the seas and coasts. of the North American region, projecting the Mexican State as a committed and responsible actor in this task.