On 03 March 2023, the first Flag Hoisting Ceremony was held on board LSS “Jacques Chevallier”, first of class of the 4 Logistic Support Ships (LSS) ordered by OCCAR for the French Navy, within the LSS program.

This ceremony, performed by the Navy Crew, took place in Saint-Nazaire shipyards in presence of teams from OCCAR, DGA, French Navy and LSS Temporary Consortium (TC) constituted by Chantiers de l’Atlantique and Naval Group.

This event represents a new step in the qualification period of the program, as the ship will be operated by the French Navy crew for the final activities to be performed under the responsibility of the LSS TC. The “Jacques Chevallier” will now shortly depart Saint-Nazaire to execute the next official trials in Atlantic and Mediterranean shores, with the support of French Navy assets.

This underlines the efficient work achieved by the TC in a reduced timeframe, considering that the floating of the “Jacques Chevallier” took place April 2022, and the successful cooperation and coordination between all stakeholders of the LSS program.