The inauguration of the KRI Teluk Wondama-527 by the TNI Commander and the National Police Chief who was also witnessed by 3 Chiefs of Staff at the Koarmada III Katapop pier, Salawati District, Sorong, Southwest Papua, Wednesday (11/01/2023).

At the inauguration ceremony, acting as Commander of the Ceremony, namely Commander Lanal Biak Marine Colonel Karlos R Deda, MM., M.Tr. Opsla.

“I am very proud to be the Commander of the Ceremony at the inauguration of KRI Teluk Wondama -527,” said Danlanal Biak after the inauguration ceremony.

“On behalf of ourselves and as a unit, we thank the TNI Commander, Kasal and Pangkoarmada III for the trust given to us,” said Marine Colonel Karlos Deda.

KRI Teluk Wondama (527) is a warship of the Republic of Indonesia of the tank landing ship type. This warship is the 9th ship in the Teluk Bintuni Class produced by PT Bandar Abadi. [2] In this case KRI Teluk Wondama (527) was specially designed to be able to transport the Army’s main battle tank Leopard type and the BMP-3F belonging to the Indonesian Navy’s Marines.

KRI Teluk Wondama – 527 is a Landing Ship Tank (LST) type warship ready to strengthen the ranks of the Indonesian Navy, especially Koarmada III Sorong.

Also attending the event were the TNI Commander, National Police Chief, Chiefs of Staff, Pangkogawilhan III, Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari, West Papua Police Chief, Acting. Governor of Southwest Papua, Southwest Papua Forkopimda, Mayor of Sorong, Regent of South Sorong and invited guests.