Right on the 78th Anniversary of the Indonesian Armed Forces, KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368 successfully tested all modern weapons systems owned in the Mediterranean Sea Barbara exercise area during the sea crossing to Cyprus, Thursday (05/10).

The exercise aims to test capabilities in full spectrum warfare including dealing with multiple threats, electronic warfare, and asymmetric warfare simultaneously.

In the exercise scenario, KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368 managed to obtain electromagnetic wave leads which were subsequently identified as coming from enemy warships. Based on the analysis of the tactical situation, decoy firing was carried out as an effort to trick and simulate the firing of the Surface to Air Missile Tetral Mistral to fend off missile attacks. After obtaining authorization referring to the Rule of Engagement, the Commander ordered Long Range Engagement through simulated firing of Surface to Surface Missile Exocet MM-40 Block 3 with Panther HS-1306 Heli as Target Reporting Unit.

At the same time, enemy terrorist groups carry out aggressive asymmetric attacks using Fast Attack Craft. With alacrity, KRI Frans Kaisiepo-368 managed to disable it with Short Range Engagement using a 76 mm Otomelara Super Rapid Gun (OSRG), 20 mm vector gun, and small arms firing.

Marine Srikandi, Serda Nav / W Nabila Maharani also became the decisive victory as a sniper who managed to shoot enemies with high accuracy from a height using a 7.62 mm caliber RPA gun on board Heli Panther HS-1306.

“This integrated exercise has a central role in sharpening combat instincts and enhancing operational preparedness to anticipate the worst case scenarios that may occur in the mission area,” explained TNI Konga XXVIII-N/UNIFIL MTF Task Force, Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) John David Nalasakti Sondakh.

On a separate occasion, the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Muhammad Ali conveyed to all Navy soldiers who are carrying out world peace missions to always give their best in every task mandated and continue to improve their capabilities and preparedness in combat.