A number of preparations were made by Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) KRI Bima Suci at East Madura Pier, Ujung Surabaya, East Java, Friday (31/04) which in the near future will carry out a diplomatic mission, namely the goodwill shipping expedition for the nation’s ambassador Kartika Jala Krida 2023 (KJK 2023) around the world.

Apart from welcoming the future Indonesian Navy leaders who will be on board this Indonesian pride ship, this preparation also ensures that the ship is ready to take part in a number of international events such as the ASEAN Cadet Sail, L’Armada in France, Tall Ships Race in the Netherlands, England. , Norway and Scotland and Hanse Sail in Germany.

Preparedness and training have also begun to be carefully prepared so that the cruise plan can run according to the planned and safe schedule. The activities carried out range from equipment rejuvenation, ship cleaning, fulfillment of logistical provisions, ship role training and other activities that support the 2023 KJK Task Force shipping.

Kartika Jala Krida is an educational agenda for Naval Academy Cadets by carrying out sailing practice using an Indonesian Navy training ship. KRI Bima Suci. This year the ambassadorial goodwill shipping expedition will be released on Sunday (02/04) and will travel shipping routes to a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe for 214 days.

Within about seven months, KRI Bima Suci will sail the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe with a distance of 25,869 NM. The 2023 KJK Task Force will pass through, namely Surabaya – Batam – Sri Lanka (Colombo) – Oman (Salalah) – Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) – Egypt (Alexandria) – Algeria (Algiers) – France (Rouen) – France (Brest ) – Dutch (Den Helder) – English (Hartepool) – Norwegian (Fredrikstad) – English (Lerwick) – Norwegian (Arendal) – German (Rostok) – Spanish (Vigo) – Tunisia (Tunis) – Egyptian (Port Said) – Arabic Saudi (Jeddah) – India (Cochin) and arriving back in Indonesia in November 2023.

The Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral TNI Muhammad Ali stressed on various occasions that in order to create a professional, modern and tough Indonesian Navy, Jalasena soldiers must be trained to build forces that have high alertness and readiness.