Within the framework of the international cooperation agreements between Colombia and France, units of the Colombian Navy and the French Marine Nationale developed training exercises in the waters of the Colombian Caribbean, near the city of Cartagena de Indias.

The Colombian missile frigate ARC “Caldas” together with the French frigate “Germinal” developed tactical maneuvers, interdiction exercises, emergency support on the high seas, among others, exchanging experiences and testing the capabilities of warships and the procedures established for the development of the different missions, seeking to increase interoperability and the level of training in security tasks, emergency assistance and sea control.

These events allow the strengthening of relations between the Colombian Navy and the navies of other countries, in order to generate concrete actions that allow facing global challenges in security and defense.

The Colombian Navy will maintain its permanent training with its own efforts and with allied countries with the aim of maintaining a high level of readiness in its different capacities and increasing cooperation with the countries of the region.