Commander of Lantamal XIV Sorong, Admiral TNI Imam Musani, SE,.M.SI,.M.TR. Opsla accompanied by the Head of Korcab XIV and PJU Lantamal XIV and Jalasenastri administrators Korcab XIV DJA III welcomed the arrival of a fast patrol boat named KRI Bawal-875 at the Lantamal XIV pier. Friday (7/10/2022).

The ship, which is commanded by Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Ary Mahayasa, ST, MMS, measures 60 meters with a width of 8.5 and weighs 440 to 520 tons. Made by PT Caputra Mitra Sejati (CMS), this warship is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 24 knots. While the cruising speed can reach 17 knots and an economical speed of 15 knots.

The ship is claimed to have a sailing endurance of 8 days with a cruising range of 3000 nautical miles and can carry 50 personnel. As for the weapons, this warship will be equipped with a 40-millimeter single barrel main gun with tracking system capability, equipped with a laser range finder, IR camera and day camera. Thus, the weapon is capable of being fired from the fire control system, as well as 2 units of 12.7 millimeter cannon.

Danlantamal XIV, advised the ship’s personnel to care for and maintain the new Alutsista with pride, sincerity and full responsibility.

“I also advise all members of KRI Bawal who joined Lantamal XIV to follow the applicable rules. Pay attention to regional cultures and don’t let us in the Papua region become part of the problem, but what I hope is that your presence is one of the solutions and solutions to various kinds of problems, “explained Danlantamal XIV.

For this reason, continued Danlantamal XIV, foster good relations between KRI members and with personnel procedures in Lantamal XIV and Koarmada III, as well as all communities in the West Papua region, in particular and in general in the Papua region, including North Maluku.
“Because the Lantamal XIV area is included in the province of North Maluku as well as Lanal Ternate and Morotai,” concluded Danlantamal XIV.