It is an honor for the Indonesian Navy in this case the Military Seaborne Command, where one of its fleets has the trust to become a National Sea Transport supporting international scale activities. The Battleship of the Republic of Indonesia (KRI) Banjarmasin-592 (KRI BJM-592), which is in the ranks of Satlinlamil 2, successfully carried out the debarkation of personnel and materiel involved in the 2024 World Water Forum (WWF) Summit Security Task Force in Bali, on Monday (13/5). Personnel and supporting materials for the Task Force that were successfully debarked, consisting of TNI units from various Matra from TNI Headquarters who were ready to carry out tasks in a large event attended by 43 heads of state and 16 thousand participants from various countries.

KRI Banjarmasin-592 with the motto “Amun Mundur Kada” carried out a cross-sea trip from Jakarta to arrive in Bali with very good sea weather, this made the seaborne stage run smoothly without any obstacles. On the sidelines of the trip, the personnel of the 2024 WWF Summit VVIP Security Task Force did not forget to take time while maintaining body fitness by exercising on the deck of the KRI BJM-592 helicopter. With compact communication and interaction between KRI Banjarmasin-592 soldiers and soldiers from other dimensions, it further strengthens solidarity with each other in supporting the Main Tasks of the TNI.