At 10 a.m. on January 12, 2012, the Fleet Branch of the Coast Guard Bureau held a joint launch ceremony for the fifth PP-10091 and sixth PP-10092 of the newly built 100-ton patrol boat at the Xingao Factory of CITIC Corporation. Director Liao Decheng of the branch office and Chairman Han Bixiang of CITIC Corporation co-chaired the ceremony, and invited the wife of the branch director, Ms. Li, to complete the bottle-throwing ceremony. Through the “bottle throwing ceremony”, I wished the smooth and successful completion of the Haixun shipbuilding project.

This ceremony considered the schedule of the dock and broke through the precedent. The two boats were jointly launched, and the historical picture was left by the way of water injection in the dock. This type of boat is a 100-ton patrol boat in the “Development Plan for the Construction of Coastal Patrol Ships”. It is planned to build 12 ships. Design improvements are made to meet the needs of sea patrol missions. The length of the boat is 40 meters, which is longer and stronger than the old 100-ton boat. Larger and more stable, it adopts the hard edged boat type, which greatly improves the sea resistance of this type of boat; in addition, the left and starboard side panels are equipped with rubber anti-collision fenders to reduce the impact of boarding and inspection. The two boats are expected to be completed and delivered in the summer and autumn of this year. Taichung and Penghu patrol teams will be deployed separately, which will help increase the density and energy of sea areas. It will strongly ban mainland fishing boats operating across the border, and strictly prevent the invasion of African swine fever and new crown pneumonia. The first line of defense for national border security.

The Coast Guard Administration stated that the newly-built ships of various tonnages of the Coast Guard are currently in line with the contract progress, and even ahead of schedule, and their performance and equipment have also jumped significantly. Facing the tense and complicated international situation, the agency’s law enforcement position and determination will not be affected to protect the country’s oceans. rights and interests, protect people’s lives and property, and ensure the safety of fishermen’s operations.