The JMSDF will conduct the 2nd Dispatched Submarine Training in the U.S. in 2022 as described below.
1. Objectives
To improve the JMSDF’s tactical capabilities
2. Period
October 9- December 26
3. Exercise Area
(1) Sea from Japan to Hawaii
(2) In the vicinity of Hawaii islands
(3) U.S. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
4. Participating unit
(1) Commanding Officer
Commander, KAKIMOTO Fumio, JS TOURYU
(2) Unit
(3) Number of personnel
Approximately 80
5. Type of exercise
Anti-Submarine Warfare training
6. Notes
(1) Dispatched Submarine Training in the U.S. has been conducted every year since 1963. This is the 84th time including the dispatches to RIMPAC.
(2) Preventive measures against COVID-19 will be implemented during the exercise.