The JMSDF will conduct the Overseas Training Cruise 2023 as follows.
1. Objectives
(1) To provide Trainee Officers with on-the-job training opportunities through sea cruises to reinforce knowledge and skills learned at the Officer Candidate School, to familiarize them with the sea, and to cultivate qualities required of officers.
(2) To have deployed personnel conduct exercises with foreign countries, improve understandings of the activities of these countries and develop an international sense through sailing in the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, etc.
(3) To promote friendship and goodwill with visiting countries and to contribute to the realization of the “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”.
2. Period, etc.
(1) Period
May 25 – October 20, 2023 (149 days)
(2) Total length of the cruise
Approx. 52,400 km
3. Deployment, etc.
(1) Commander of Overseas Training Cruise 2023
Rear Admiral KONNO Yasushige, Commander of Training Squardron
(2) Ships to be deployed
(3) Personnel
Approx. 560 people, including about 160 graduates of the 73rd General Officer Candidate
Course (including about 20 women)
4. Ports of call
The United States of America (Dutch Harbor, San Diego, Pearl Harbor), Canada (Victoria), The United Mexican States (Manzanillo), Republic of Peru (Callao), Republic of Chile (Valparaiso), Argentine Republic (Buenos Aires), Federative Republic of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Recife), and Republic of Colombia (Cartagena)
5. Others
The Overseas Training Cruise has been conducted every year since 1957, and this will be the 67th cruise