On May 6th, the first stop of the Nave Morosini Campaign in the Indo-Pacific area ended in Singapore. After more than 7,000 miles, leaving on 6 April, the Multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessel crossed the Strait of Malacca and stopped in the fascinating and technological Asian port.

Technology and innovation, this time in the military field, were the two elements that characterized the events and activities. During the stop, which lasted from 1 to 6 May, Nave Morosini took part in the International Maritime Defense Exhibition-Asia (IMDEX). With over 11,000 visitors from over 62 countries, over 200 exhibitors from all over the world and 19 military units of 14 Navies from different parts of the world, IMDEX represents a prestigious international showcase of global excellence in the naval defense sector as well as the most important naval exhibition in Asia. The strong technology that characterizes Nave Morosini, and more generally the PPA class, was the testimony of Italian excellence in the shipbuilding sector,

Numerous events have involved the ship, not only in the organized exhibition complex, but also on board, with the invaluable contribution of the Italian Embassy in Singapore, which through the organization and promotion of events has been able to create a context characterized by opportunities for cooperation, culture and international dialogue. The visits on board of the highest military authorities of Singapore, as well as the confrontation with the representatives of the other navies, then made it possible to strengthen the collaborative relationships and the common aspects between countries that make maritime life one of their main resources.

It is therefore in the sea that economic interests, cooperation and international dialogue find their synthesis and IMDEX has opened the doors to a reality, that of the Indo-Pacific, in which the growing geopolitical importance also creates an opportunity in military technological innovation for our country system.

Nave Morosini now resumes navigation in the Indo-Pacific seas with the prow towards Vietnam and the intention of carrying the flag of the Navy and of Italy high in this area full of charm and opportunities.