Vessel Comandante Borsini, currently engaged in the Gulf of Guinea for the Gabinia operation, intervened today to rescue the tanker B. OCEAN (with the Marshall Islands flag and South Korean owner) left adrift, about 300 miles from the coast, due to technical problems engines after being attacked by a group of pirates. A security team from the San Marco Marina Brigade was placed on board the merchant ship by helicopter to check the situation, finding that the pirates had tampered with the navigation and communication systems, robbed the ship of part of the cargo and the crew of the money and valuables possessed, to then abandon the ship after having caused extensive damage to the engine.

At the moment a Nave Borsini technical team is verifying the possibility of restoring the use of propulsion and, where impossible, the dispatch of deep-sea tugs has been requested to ensure the transfer of the merchant vessel to the nearest port (Abidjan – Costa ivory).