On May 7, the Carlo Bergamini frigate ended its engagement beyond the Suez Canal, which began last January in the eastern part of the Wider Mediterranean region which includes the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, where he operated within the ATALANTA and AGENOR operations.

ATALANTA is the first maritime operation of the European Union, established in 2008 and aimed at supporting the integrated approach of the European Union towards the dismantling of the criminal model of maritime piracy against merchant shipping, as well as the prevention and contrast of the phenomena related, to protect the freedom of navigation and the legitimate use of the sea.

The AGENOR operation is part of the European Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASOH) initiative, aimed at guaranteeing – with a de-escalation approach – the conditions for safe navigation in compliance with the rules of international law in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf Perch.

Nave Bergamini, during its period of activity in the area, has integrated into different maritime devices, while providing support to the multiple coalition initiatives operating in the same area in the field of maritime safety. Thanks to the flexibility of use in a wide range of activities, Nave Bergamini has in fact contributed to the objectives of the national defense and security strategy both in the operational and in the cooperative dimension.

The period of out-of-area activities in support of national, European and coalition interests also offered favorable opportunities to consolidate political-military relations with the Navies and countries of the region, in the broadest spectrum of confidence building activities and as an expression of the traditional role of naval diplomacy of naval units.