The offshore patrol vessel (OPV) Infanta Cristina (P77), with support from a Marine Corps’ Special Operations Team, conducted her last maritime security operation (MSO). The ship will be decommissioned on September 30th 2023 after 43 years of service.

The vessel, under operational control of the Operations Command, contributed to enhance the awareness of the maritime domain and disseminate the work of the Spanish Navy. In addition to this MSO mission, a series of training exercises were carried out on board including Damage Control, VBSS drills (Visit, Board Search and Seizure), firing exercises and a PASSEX with the destroyer INS Chennai.

Since 2013, when the Maritime Operational Command (MOM in its Spanish initials) was set up, Infanta Cristina has participated in 44 maritime security operations contributing to control sovereign areas of national interest. In those 550 day runs, the OPV also collaborated with other public organizations with responsibilities in the maritime domain, like the Spanish Gendarmerie (Guardia Civil) and other SAR departments. Those tasks included shipping control, fisheries surveillance, drug smuggling and rescue of shipwrecked people.

As a homage to her 43 years of service in the Navy, the ‘Infanta Cristina’ is scheduled to conduct a farewell voyage in September visiting the ports of Malaga, Alicante and the Naval Academy.

The offshore patrol vessel Infanta Cristina has been integrated into the Maritime Action Force (FAM) made up of a set of units whose main task is to prepare to protect the national maritime interests and the control of the maritime spaces of sovereignty and national interest.

They are in charge, with a holistic approach, of ensuring the permanent cooperation with the different organizations of the Administration with competences in the maritime domain. This is part of the Spanish Navy’s contribution to the State Action at Sea.