KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma-355, KRI Terapang-648, KRI Pandrong-801 and KRI Tongkol-813, who are members of the BKO Guspurla Koarmada II element carried out an integrated L3 level training, in Karang Unarang Waters on Monday (20/3).

The four KRI elements carried out various exercises, namely Serial MISCEX 830 (SIMPLE MANUVERING), Serial NAVCOMEX 204 (FLAGHOIST), Serial 2007 DCEX, Serial MISCEX 806 (RASAP), Serial SYNTEX 502 (TACTICAL PUBLICATION), and Serial NAVCOMEX 202 (FLASHEX). .

This exercise is in line with the orders of the Commander of the Armed Forces II, Rear Admiral TNI Maman Firmansyah, in which elements of the KRI in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation are to carry out joint exercises to maintain and increase the professionalism of the soldiers.