After the implementation of the Development of Military Cooperation Refill of Stock in Surabaya, KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda (SIM-367) from the Koarmada II Escort ship Unit (Satkor) commanded by Marine Lt. Col. (P) Nurulloh Zemy Prasetyo, M.Sc., carried out the Passing Exercise (Passex) to send off the departure of 3 ships of the Russian Navy, namely Admiral Panteleyev, Varyag and Pechenga, located in the Java Sea. Saturday (17/6).

Starting with a meeting between the two warships at the agreed point, then KRI SIM-367 carried out a Comms check and Rendezvous which was continued by flag hoist which went well where KRI SIM-367 and the Russian Navy managed to read the news signal.

Furthermore, Tactical Maneuvering was carried out which was divided into 3 formations, with the symbols PCG, GRK, SVN for the designation of Russian ships. The first session forms an inclined line formation with a bearing position of 135º, followed by the second formation of GRK, SVN, where KRI SIM-367 must maneuver until a relative bearing position of 270º forms a straight line, and the last session forms the formation of all units maneuvering behind the Russian ship PCG which is a unit first at 1000 yards.

At the end of the Passex Exercise between the TNI AL and the Russian Navy by carrying out the Farewell Pass, the KRI Commander SIM-367 gave a Farewell speech to the Russian Navy, and the Russian Navy continued their journey back to their base.