TA Sea Force Training. 2022 which was held by the Lantamal VI Patrol Unit (Satrol) ended, Friday (11/11/2022).

The exercise, which was carried out from 08 to 11 November 2022 in the area around the Command Headquarters (Mako) and Jalaria Lantamal VI Beach, was officially closed by the Commander of Satrol (Dansatrol) Lantamal VI Marine Colonel (P) Anis Latif, SEM Tr. Hanla., MM, who is also the Executing Officer of this Sea Matre Training (Papelat).

The material and exercises that have been carried out are maritime lessons, Basic Takal, Rigging, Sailing and Combat Role Drills and Rigging Drills as well as field practice in the form of off/docking KAL, Roles, Roles of Lifeboats and Lego Anchors.

Dansatrol Lantamal VI conveyed to the training participants that the knowledge, knowledge and information obtained while participating in this training activity, can be implemented and transformed to other personnel who have not had the opportunity to take part in this training activity.

The closing was attended by training officers and Soldiers of Satrol Lantamal VI participating in the TA Marine Training. 2022.