Soldier Lanal Sabang welcomes the arrival of the Indian Warship INS Sumedha (P58), located at Pier CT-3 BPKS Sabang, Jalan Perikanan, Gampong Kuta Timu, Kec. Sukakarya, Sabang City, Wednesday (02/11/2022).

The arrival of the Indian Warship INS Sumedha (P58) with Captain Commander P Phaneendra in Sabang City for the Operational Turn Round (OTR) For Fueling and Rationing in Sabang City.

Upon arrival at the CT-3 BPKS Sabang Pier, a scarf was presented to Captain INS Sumedha and was greeted with the Ranub Lampuan Dance, which is one of the traditional Acehnese dances that depicts high aesthetics and ethics among the Acehnese people in paying respects to guests.

The Indian Warship INS Sumedha (P58) is a Saryu-class offshore patrol vessel that has an EON-51 electro optical FCS sensor system and is capable of carrying a HAL Dhruv helicopter of combat attack type, has a length of 105.3 meters, a width of 12.9 meters, draft 5 .3 meters, and weighs 3631 tons, and is equipped with a 76 mm Oto Melara cannon and AK-630 CIWS.

INS Sumedha (P58) will dock in Sabang for 3 (three) days from November 2 to 4, 2022. While in Sabang City, the INS Sumedha Crew will carry out tourist visits at the Kilometer Zero Monument, Iboih Beach, and culinary tours of Sabang City, and a visit to Mako Lanal Sabang.

The Head of Sabang Customs and Excise was represented by the Head of the Treasury Section Meiwanro Sinaga, S.Si., M.Sc., the Chairman of the Sabang MPU Tengku Baharudin, the Chairman of the Sharia Court of Sabang was represented by the Deputy Chairman Muhammad Syaifudin Amin, SHI, MH, the Head of the Sabang BPKS was represented by the Commercial Deputy and Investments Erwanto, Head of the Health Office of the Port of Sabang represented by the Doctor of the Teluk Port Working Area, dr. Sisca, Head of BPKS Sabang Port Unit Zulkarnaini, SE, MMTr.