After previously carrying out the test phase of the Combat Vehicle Tightness which was prepared to support the practical training (Lattek) Bhumyamca Yudha Taruna AAL Level IV Marine Corps FY 2022, in the next stage the 2nd Marine Amphibious Landing Vehicle Battalion (Yonranratfib 2 Mar) carried out the Whitewater Combat Vehicle (Ranpur) test. type of BTR 50 PM as an advanced stage to determine the ability of whitewater at the Amphibious Unit (Satfib) Pier of Koarmada II, Ujung, Surabaya. Thursday (6/10/2022).

The Ranpur whitewater test activity at sea was directly led by the Commander of Yonranratfib 2 Mar. Marine Lt. Col. Kuswandi, SH, M.Tr.Opsla. carried out in order to further ensure the readiness of combat vehicles and to determine the extent of Ranpur’s ability to navigate the sea which will later support the implementation of the Lattek.

The Commander of Yonranratfib Mar 2, conveyed that the purpose of this whitewater test was not only to determine the last condition of the combat vehicle, but also to ensure the resilience and capability of the Ranpur when maneuvering at sea.

In addition, “The whitewater test must be carried out as the main requirement to ensure that all systems work well, so that the implementation of Lattek will actually get maximum results while at the same time increasing the professionalism of the Ranpur crew and the readiness of the combat material itself,” he said.