Indonesian Navy soldiers from the Jakarta III Marine Defense Base Battalion (Yonmarhanlan) Led by Marine Major S Irwanto Rusbal had the honor of being trusted in securing the visit of Iranian warships at the JITC Pier, Tanjung Priok Port, North Jakarta. Saturday (05/11/2022)

The Iranian warship IRIS MAKRAN (441) commanded by Captain Ali Asghar Mazloumi is a Forward Base Ship type warship commanded by Junior Captain Omid Moghani.

During his visit, the Iranian warship was greeted directly by the Commander of Lantamal III Brigadier General TNI (Mar) Umar Farouq., SAP, CHRMP., The visit of the Iranian warship to Indonesia in order to establish cooperation to maintain regional security and strengthen diplomatic relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Indonesia which has been established since 1950.

On a different occasion, Danyonmarhanlan III Major Mar Daniel Rudi Siswanto.M.Tr.,Opsla said “that Yonmarhanlan III soldiers should be proud because they have been trusted to secure every visit of a foreign warship which is an honor, therefore we must continue to improve professionalism to maintain trust with full responsibility,” he said.