The Chinese PLA Navy’s hospital ship Ark Peace arrived at the port of Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, Indonesia, at 10 am on November 10, for an eight-day goodwill visit as part of “Mission Harmony-2022.” The Ark Peace was warmly welcomed by the Indonesian navy and local people, as well as the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and representatives of Chinese institutions and overseas Chinese.

The Ark Peace was received by Rear Admiral Agus Haryadi, Commander of Indonesian Military Sealift Command, and Rear Admiral Yayan Sofyan, Chief of staff of Indonesian Fleet Command. Rear Admiral Agus Haryadi welcomed the visit of the Ark Peace, saying that the two countries and the two navies enjoy profound friendship. He wished the visit a complete success.

This is the second visit of the hospital ship Ark Peace after its visit to Jakarta in September 2013.

The crew member will continue to uphold the Red Cross spirit of “humanity, fraternity and dedication”, and serve the Indonesian people with excellent ability and superb medical skills, said Qiu Wensheng, a Chinese Rear Admiral and the commander of “Mission Harmony-2022”, adding that China is ready to work with Indonesia to implement the global development Initiative and the global security Initiative, meet global challenges and create a better future for mankind.

During the visit, the Ark Peace will provide free medical services from November 11 to 17, by setting dockside outpatient clinics and on-board diagnosis and treatment. They will also carry out in-depth medical exchanges with local hospitals through online seminars and remote video consultations on intractable diseases.

An Indonesian Chinese in a wheelchair drove 100 kilometers to the site to attend the welcome ceremony, and looked forward to the visit of the Chinese Navy to treat her heart disease as soon as possible.

“I am grateful to the Chinese PLA Navy’s hospital ship Ark Peace for its visit to Indonesia, which gave overseas Chinese in Indonesia the opportunity to take professional medical treatment,” she said.

Counsellor Pan Yonglu, Counsellor Zhou Bin and Deputy Defence Attache Chen Xiongmin of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, together with more than 200 people including staff of the embassy, representatives of Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese, also attended the welcoming ceremony.