Den Helder, 11 september 2022 Vertrek Zr. Ms. Tromp uit Den Helder op missie

HNLMS Tromp replaced Karel Doorman as flagship of NATO’s SNMG1 the weekend of September 17th in Lisbon.

This squadron of seven international ships will be under the command of Dutch commander Jeanette Morang throughout 2022.

SNMG1 is one of four NATO fleet associations that are permanently available for alliance assignments. SNMG1 is the most northerly fleet, mainly active in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Among other things, SNMG1 does exercises at sea and visits various ports to maintain diplomatic ties.

Tromp will be deployed for the first time since it underwent a midlife update from 2018 to 2021 . Various weapon and sensor systems, the bridge and galley have been renewed.

The main functions of the LC frigate are air defense and command and control. It is capable of protecting the entire fleet.