Willemstad, 16 Juni 2021..Zr.Ms.Holland is terug in de West. Hierbij neemt zij deel aan anti- drugs operaties. Tijdens de inzet word een zogehete gofast en moederschip gestopt. Vrij direct is er drugs aangetroffen in zee. In samenwerking met de kustwacht van de verenigde staten word een zaak gebouwt tot de vermoedelijke drugs trafficers.

Holland seized more than 2,200 kilograms of cocaine. That was the yield of 4 interceptions in the Caribbean, between March 10 and 13 according to a March 4 announcement.

In all cases, the contraband was on so-called go-fasts. These fast boats were discovered by the maritime patrol aircraft of the Caribbean Coast Guard.

Holland then sent the US Coast Guard helicopter stationed on board and 2 fast interceptors to the go-fasts . The crew of 2 of these boats surrendered immediately. In both other cases, this only happened after a few warning shots.

The drugs and a total of 10 suspects have been handed over to the US Coast Guard. The smugglers are being prosecuted in the United States. The cocaine has been destroyed.

Zr.Ms. Holland has been the station ship in the Caribbean since October last year. The Royal Navy works alternately with the Caribbean Coast Guard and the American Coast Guard.

There are now almost 13,000 kilos of intercepted drugs in the name of HNLMS Holland.