Frigate HMS Kent has undergone an ‘MOT’ to ensure she’s ready for the next stage of her autumn operations.
The Portsmouth-based ship had a series of deep-dive checks at a NATO facility in Stavanger, Norway.

The Operational Capability Confidence Checks make sure Kent’s weapons, sensors, radars, navigation aids and other key operating systems are working and up to scratch.

Over the course of a week, the dynamic tests and trials were carried out in the picturesque fjords of Norway.

Kent’s primary role is to conduct anti-submarine warfare and a major focus of the assessment was to ensure her cutting-edge submarine detection equipment remains fully capable.

Upon completion of the trials, the ship’s company made best use of the weekend alongside in Stavanger to rest and recuperate after a busy first stage to the deployment. Many of the team undertook the energetic four-hour hike to the top of Pulpit Rock.

Meanwhile, the ship’s football team took on a Norwegian fourth division side, Hundvag, and several others took the opportunity to watch an ice hockey game, cheering on local side The Oilers, Commander Jez Brettell, Commanding Officer of HMS Kent said: “The capability test package was essential and proves that Kent continues to be ready for operations.

“This was also a great opportunity for the ship’s company to explore the local area after a busy start to deployment.”

HMS Kent’s time in Norway comes after she took part in Joint Warrior – the UK’s largest military exercise of the year. Kent was one of more than 20 ships, submarines and supporting vessels from Britain and nine NATO allies, plus over 30 aircraft and drones, Royal Marines and US Marines to take part in the exercise.

The workout ranged from Cape Wrath and the Hebrides to the North Sea and finally the waters off the South Coast.