HJ Heavy Industries (CEO Hong Moon-ki) has re-proven its unrivaled competitiveness in the special ship field by winning orders for four new high-speed boats for the Navy.

As a result of the bidding for the construction of 4 high-speed boats (Geumdogsuuri-B Batch-II) No. 1 to 4 for the Navy ordered by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration earlier this month, the company was selected as the first target company for qualification review, and after going through the screening process, signed a contract with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration on the 24th for 2,120 won. It was announced that it had signed a contract to build a ship for 100 million won.

As a result, after successfully building all 16 new high-speed boats (Golden Eagle-B Batch-I) for the Navy, HJ Heavy Industries achieved the splendid feat of winning orders for 4 vessels in the follow-up project, Batch-II. proved once again.

The new high-speed boat project is a project to build a 200-ton class high-speed boat to replace the Navy’s Chamsuri high-speed boat, which played a key role in the victory of the 1st and 2nd Yeonpyeong naval battles in 1999 and 2002.

By applying high-performance guided rockets, remote fire control system, electronic warfare equipment, and stealth construction method, it is recognized as a true next-generation battleship as it significantly improves not only firepower and maneuverability, but also detection, defense, and mission performance compared to existing Chamsuri high-speed boats. .

Starting with Korea’s first high-speed boat, the ‘Student’ in 1972, HJ Heavy Industries, which has set a milestone in the history of high-speed boats in Korea, has built about 100 Chamsuri high-speed boats, the flagship high-speed boat of the Navy, and then eight guided missile high-speed boats, the next-generation high-speed boats, and next-generation high-speed boats. Taking charge of the construction of 20 ships, it has continued to make monumental achievements in the field of high-speed ships in Korea.

HJ Heavy Industries plans to perfect the ship building process by installing improved equipment and improving performance so that the new Golden Eagle high-speed boat, which has inherited the name of the eagle, can be used as an immediate response force such as NLL gunnery and coastal defense.

An official from HJ Heavy Industries said, “Based on the pride that has served as the birthplace of domestic high-speed boats for the past 50 years, and the technology accumulated through the construction of small and medium-sized battleships and landing ships, we will play a role in protecting national waters and strengthening the naval power.”