Through a ceremony led by the Chief of the Baterías Marine Infantry Base, Commander IM Armando Martín Verdaguer, the delivery of a pennant belonging to the first class of Sailors Volunteer Troop of the Marine Corps was made effective. , which will complete the exhibition room in the museum sector of the former IM NCO School (ESIM).

Next, the discovery of a poster made by the National Highway was made, with the legend “The Malvinas are Argentine”, placed in front of the facilities of the Battery Museum.

The ceremony was held last Friday morning, hours before the central event for the 123rd anniversary of the creation of the Marine Corps in Plaza Soberanía in front of the IV Historical Battery, of the Batteries Marine Infantry Base.

Personnel from the Marine Infantry, from the historical museum, officials from the National Highway and, as special guests, Veterans of the Malvinas War were present at the ceremony.

After the act, those present were invited to enter the museum to discover in the Historical Library some paintings made with photographs that describe the presence of the National Highway Administration during the Malvinas Deed, carrying out their own works of opening roads in the Islands.

The documentary material, made up of more than one hundred photographs, was digitally donated by the Civil Engineer Alberto Mario Gaffuri, who served as Head of National Highway in the Malvinas Islands along with three other technicians from the public department.