In a ceremony held in front of the crypt of Grand Admiral Miguel Grau at the Peruvian Naval School, on August 3 the historic naval cannon “La Hitte” was transferred from the victorious corvette “Union” by the National Police to the Peruvian Navy.

The act was attended by the General Commander of the Navy, Admiral Alberto Alcalá Luna; Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Herbert Del Alamo Carrillo; Chief of the General Staff of the National Police of Peru, Lieutenant General Carlos Chong Campaña, admirals and general officers, among other guests.

The highest naval authority stated that the artillery piece received will be restored and valued so that it forms part of the Institution’s cultural heritage. Likewise, he highlighted its enormous significance and historical value as it was evidenced that it was part of the minor artillery of the corvette “Unión” of the Squad, which on February 7, under the command of the then Commander in Chief Miguel Grau, won the naval combat of Abate the Spanish forces; and later, she became the undefeated ship during the Pacific war.

For its part, the police authority expressed that said transfer not only symbolizes a change in the administration and responsibility of historical heritage, but also a significant act between two Institutions that work tirelessly for the welfare and security of our nation.

The historic cannon was located on the front of the Ninth Macro Police Region based in Arequipa. After a repair process in the SIMA Callao shipyards, it roared again in front of the crypt where the remains of the hero of Angamos rest.