HNLMS Groningen has made the first drug seizure since the navy ship is active in the Caribbean again. During the action in the night from Monday to Tuesday, more than 500 kilos of marijuana were intercepted.

More than 500 kilos of drugs were intercepted.

The ship had been patrolling for less than 24 hours when an alert came from the Caribbean Coast Guard about a suspicious go-fast. The Groningen launched two FRISCs. These fast boats managed to stop the go-fast.

The 4 suspects were completely surprised and immediately surrendered. They were arrested and, like the more than 500 kilos of suspects, handed over to the Caribbean Coast Guard.

Groningen took over the tasks as station ship in the Caribbean from HNLMS Holland at the beginning of this month. That ship is back in Den Helder after seven months of deployment. The Navy is constantly on standby in the Caribbean with a station ship. This combines counter-drug operations with supporting the Caribbean Coast Guard and humanitarian aid.