Officers of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard carried out the detection and rescue of sixty-eight (68) foreigners in the early hours of yesterday, in the marine area northwest of Leros.

In particular, the E.K.S.E.D./L.S. was informed. – EL. AKT. from the European emergency call number “112”, to provide assistance to I/F vessels with foreigners on board in the above sea area.

Open Sea Vessel LS rushed to the scene. – EL. AKT. (P.A.Th.), three (03) patrol boats L.S. – EL. AKT. , the F/G ship “RIZIMA” of Russian flag, as well as a warship of foreign flag.

The I/F vessel “TEUTA” of the German flag was spotted by a patrol vessel L.S. – EL.AKT., while the 68 passengers were picked up by the “RIZIMA” and transferred to the anchorage of Kalymnos. Afterwards, the foreigners in question transferred to P.A.Th. L.S. – EL.AKT., with the assistance of patrol vessel L.S. – EL. AKT. and were safely transported to the port of “LAKKI” in the province of Leros.

The Port Authority of Leros, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, arrested three (03) of the above foreigners, aged 37, 46 and 31, as traffickers of the rest from Turkey to Italy, including two men and a woman who pretended to be the partner of a from the rest of the traffickers, they tried not to be noticed by the authorities. Those arrested are being prosecuted for violating articles 29 and 30 of Law 4251/14 (trafficking), as well as articles 306 (exposure) and 187 (criminal organization) of the Criminal Code.

The Maritime Border Security and Protection Directorate, in collaboration with the Port Authority of Leros, analyzes and processes in depth all the evidence that has emerged and investigates the possible extension of the action of the members of the criminal organization in question to other cases, as well as their cooperation with other members of organized circles with the same or similar criminal activities.