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Foreign research and rescue operation is in progress, in international waters in the maritime area 47 n.m. southwest of Pylos, yp.

In particular, the ECHR was informed by the RCC ROME of a fishing vessel in the above area, where a large number of foreigners were riding, according to. Ferry ships were immediately bound to locate the A / C ship.

The fishing boat was first spotted at noon yesterday by an aerial vehicle FRONTEX and then by two adjacent ships, sailing. Then, for the point, a Coastal Patrol boat sailed. ( P.P.L.S. ), while a L.S.-EL.AKT helicopter took off. The L.S.-EL.AKT helicopter located the A/C moving at a speed north.

In continuous telephone calls of the Chamber of Commerce to the fishing boat to provide the subscription, he received a negative response.

In the afternoon, the ship approached the boat and provided him with food supplies, while the foreigners refused to provide any further information.

Then the second F / C ship approached the boat to provide supplies and assistance but the foreigners refused both the supplies and the subscription.

The PPLS arrived in the evening. confirming the existence of a large number of immigrants on the outer deck of the A / K boat, but rejecting any subscription and stating their desire to continue their voyage to Italy. The P.P.L.S. remained close to the ship for any assistance, which continued on its way.

First morning hours today the above fishing boat was overturned and eventually sunk and a large research operation was launched immediately. and three ( 03 ) adjacent ships, while in the area he also hurried a C-130 plane of the Air Force, as well as even. In addition, in the area of research, they attempt a LS-EL.AKT Patrol Ship, a Life-Language Lifeboat, one ( 01