Sweden’s armed forces practiced from April 24 to May 11. Supporting NATO naval units were recruited by the German staff DEU MARFO Maritime Forces Staff guided.

The Aurora 23 maneuver was Sweden’s largest defensive exercise on its own territory and in its own waters for 25 years. The geographical focus was on the Skåne region in southern Sweden and the island of Gotland, which is centrally located in the Baltic Sea. The focus was on the Swedish concept of “Totalförsvar”, to German “total defence”. It attaches particular importance to the cooperation of the military with civilian authorities and organizations.

“The exercise sends an important signal,” said Brigadier General Stefan Andersson. “We are always ready to defend our country and our interests, both alone and together with others.”

In addition to the Swedish army, air force, navy and homeland security, units from 13 other nations were involved in the national defense exercise: Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Germany and the USA. A total of around 26,000 soldiers were involved. Of these, the German Navy provided about 250 men and women over the frigate “Sachsen-Anhalt”