From September 26 to 30, 2022, FDA Chevalier Paul , PHA Mistral, BCR Marne, FLF Surcouf and La Fayette, with the assistance of BBPD Pluton, GPD MED and Flotillas 31F and 36F, participated in the exercise GABIAN 22.3, mutual training of French Navy surface units.

For five days, the participants conducted a series of joint activities, with the aim of maintaining the units and their crews in operational condition. Despite very degraded meteorological conditions, anti-aircraft warfare exercises, warfare above the surface or even refueling at sea were carried out between the units. In addition to these shared training sessions, each building practiced daily, whether in the fight against onboard disasters, in the implementation of weapons or even in the performance of aviation maneuvers.

The buildings had to deal with the elements and evolve in heavy seas, thus strengthening the crews’ ability to exercise in a physically demanding context where the high intensity also came from the natural environment.