On the 18 April 2023, the kick-off meeting for the FSAF/PAAMS 16.ISS.01.04 contract, was held at the Navy Officers Club in Naples, Italy.
The contract, signed with THALES Nederland (TNL) on 31 October 2022, which follows on from the excellent performance provided under the previous contractual agreement, covers an initial three-year period, (with an optional, additional two-year period). The activities will support the Long-Range Radar (LRR) S1850M of the Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS), currently embarked on Horizon class Frigates for the French and Italian Navies and Type 45 Destroyers plus Queen Elisabeth class Aircraft Carriers for the UK Royal Navy.

The new In-Service Support contract foresees services such as desk support, on-site technical assistance, obsolescence management and yearly health checks in addition to configuration monitoring and management.

The FSAF/PAAMS LRR community, represented by Nations, OCCAR and THALES Nederland, hosted by the Head of the Logistics Engineering Department for the Italian Navy Logistics Command (MARICOMLOG), celebrated this important event, which marked the achievement of the In-Service Support objective assurance, in continuity with the previous contractual phase, continuing to meet customer satisfaction and Navies’ operational needs.