The multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Normandie sailed from Brest on April 9 to return to its theater of operations.

This deployment is part of an overall strategy to strengthen the French presence in this highly strategic area.

Normandy begins its mission with a first patrol in the Channel – North Sea zone. In this zone, multiple problems converge in connection with the action of the State at sea (dense maritime traffic, important fishing zones, attempts to cross the Channel on makeshift machines, presence of wind farms, etc.). The vigilance of the crew working to monitor this area where the stakes are high was heightened.

The FREMM then joined Amsterdam, on the sidelines of the State visit of the President of the Republic to the Netherlands, which allowed the gunners to practice the salute gun, respecting the 21 gun shots, in accordance with the Navy ceremonial.

France very regularly deploys ships in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, particularly in the context of strengthening NATO’s deterrent and defensive posture. The FREMM Normandie will be deployed to strengthen interoperability between partners in this area and contribute to the autonomous assessment of the situation as well as the protection of the freedom of navigation in this contested space.