Statement from San Diego Web Cam

“Force protection concerns”? FORCE PROTECTION CONCERNS?!

Without the San Diego Web Cam, there would have been no investigation and subsequent training where it is needed to keep our sailors safe. Everyone knows it. Not even the Navy is denying it.

The two cameras at Cabrillo, which have been up for ~10 years, were not coincidentally disconnected a day before the Warship Chicken report was published out of force protection concerns. It was spite. Shameless spite. Many thousands of unvetted tourists are still taking photos of places we never dared show. Many thousands of people in homes and businesses along the waterfront can also take the same pictures.

had no idea of the incident until we told them, after the disconnect.
played them like a fiddle. NPS should be angry. 500K viewers/month should be angry too. This is YOUR park. It is YOUR view.

Please contact Charles F. ” Chuck” Sams III, NPS Director. 202-208-6843 Option 0. Ask him to intervene and gets the cams at Cabrillo National Monument back online.