Deployed in the Indian Ocean within the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) during the ANTARES mission, the Forbin air defense frigate had the chance to welcome a Japanese SH60 helicopter on board. Coming from the Japanese frigate Suzutsuki , this helicopter carried out a landing session.

This is the second period of integration of the Japanese building Suzutsuki within the GAN in a few weeks.

This cooperation in the Indian Ocean makes it possible to promote mutual knowledge and the sharing of tactical situations between two countries which have established an exceptional partnership.

The deployment of the carrier battle group in the Indian Ocean directly contributes to France’s independent assessment of the situation and to the strengthening of ties with strategic partners. Faced with demonstrations of power from the main competitors from France and Europe, the carrier battle group demonstrates France’s ability to intervene in different theaters, while maintaining its reversibility capability. The sea and air operations of the carrier battle group, coordinated with the allies, contribute to ensuring the freedom of maritime navigation and air traffic in the areas crossed.