After docking, the Champlain refueled 6000 liters of diesel at the quay for the benefit of the Malagasy tugboat: the Trozona. During the maneuver, the Champlain’s mechanics carried out a technical intervention on board the Trozona. This exchange with the Malagasy vessel also provided various consumables for the partner crew.

This dock also made it possible to deliver humanitarian cargo to local charities. This collection of donations and humanitarian parcels was sent by the Champlain from Reunion Island. This mission to provide the resources of the French Navy in support of Malagasy associations illustrates the wide range of missions carried out by the armed forces of the Southern Indian Ocean (FAZSOI).

The crew of the Champlain is now continuing its mission to monitor the southern Indian Ocean.

The Armed Forces in the Southern Indian Ocean Zone (FAZSOI) carry out a wide range of missions in an area of permanent responsibility with significant lengths. From Mayotte and Reunion Island, more than 1,700 military personnel guarantee the protection of the population, protect exclusive economic zones, fight against piracy and illicit trafficking. The FAZSOI frequently support State action missions at sea and implement France’s military partnerships with countries in southern Africa and the southern Indian Ocean.