Last Friday (08), the frigate “Liberal”, of the Brazilian Navy (MB), conducted exercises at sea on the west coast of the African continent with the patrol vessel “Ito” of the Togolese Navy, as part of Operation GUINEX III.

During the exercise, the Frigate “Liberal” received the visit of the Brazilian Ambassador in Togo, Nei Futuro Bitencourt, accompanied by the Chief of Staff of the Togolese Navy (Commander of that Navy), Frigate Captain Babate Atatoum Florent, highlighting the importance of Naval Diplomacy for the benefit of bilateral relations.

The training consisted of the approach of the ships, to carry out visit and inspection actions, with the use of special operations teams. The Togolese ship was boarded by MB’s Combat Divers detachment, which is embarked on the Brazilian Frigate. Likewise, the Togolese special operations group approached the frigate “Liberal”, providing the training of the teams and the exchange of operational procedures.

After the approach exercise between the ships, the Frigate carried out the launch of the UH-12 “Squirrel” aircraft, for the overflight of naval assets. At the end, there was a passage between the ships, fulfilling the corresponding ceremonial.

The conduct of the exercises between the friendly navies enables the sharing of experiences and operational procedures, preserving the maintenance of MB’s operational capacity, in partnership with the countries located on the west coast of Africa and generating greater cohesion among the participants.

Operation GUINEX consolidates MB’s presence in the Gulf of Guinea, a strategic Brazilian environment, establishing cooperation channels with the Navies and Coast Guards of the countries of the region and increasing the interoperability of Brazilian naval assets with local actors, focusing on maritime security in the region.

After more than a month of undocking at the Rio de Janeiro Naval Base, the Task Group of Operation GUINEX III will dock at the Port of Abidjan (Ivory Coast) next Sunday (10), continuing the activities planned in the operation.