After sailing 67 days, having touched 14 ports in their defeat and traveling 7400 nautical miles, today, arrived at the Naval Base of Montevideo Port, the Coast Guard Protector Class, ROU 14 “RIO ARAPEY”, ROU 15 “RIO DE LA PLATA” and ROU 16 “RIO YAGUARON.”

Mr. Minister of National Defense, Dr. Javier Garcia, together with Mr. Undersecretary of Defense, Cnel (R) Rivera ELGUE, Mr. Chief of Defense, Gral. Del Aire Rodolfo Pereyra, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Jorge Wilson, Mr. Chief of Procurement of the United States Coast Guard, Admiral Douglas M. Schofield, Lord Controls, Naval Authorities, National and Foreign, family and friends welcomed the crews.

During the ceremony, U.S. Coast Guard Procurement Chief, Fleet Commander, Admiral Mario Vizcay and Secretary of National Defense spoke.

Finishing up, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy handed the Minister of Defense a plaque to the event.